Although owning land can be exciting, you need to understand the zoning regulations and rules so you know what you can do with that piece of land. Just because you own a piece of land does not mean you can build whatever you want on it. When buying or selling land, you need to know the zoning rules first.

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There are a variety of zoning types to be aware of and the local government and community have established which construction projects are allowed in that particular area.

The rules are different based on the area so it's important to have a planning strategy in place for your purchase. You need to be able to know what the zoning in for the lot you buy and what is allowed and restricted in that particular zoning classification.

There are some common zoning types to be aware of when purchasing land. Each county that you research has their own zoning classifications and sub-classifications.


As the name implies, this type of zoning is for personal residences. Counties that have large areas of rural land commonly have rural residential zoning.

The county may set minimum parcel sizes so that it creates some distance between the homes to maintain the rural atmosphere.

This zoning will also have rules on what kind of animals you can raise as well as how large of a garden or farm you can have. They often allow for small farms as hobbies.

If you are planning on running a business from the property, you need to check with the residential zoning laws.

Many communities have a specific standard for how large the buildings can be. They may also dictate what the physical appearance will need to be. This is to maintain a uniform appearance for the community.


Commercial zoning has rules for the business type in the area. If you wanted to put up a hotel or shopping center, you would have to check with the zoning authorities in the area to see if this is allowed.

If you wanted to build a bar or nightclub, there will be certain rules and areas that you can build in. They often require a certain distance if there is a school, church or other public building in the area.

There are also zoning regulations about how tall a commercial building can be. There could be certain businesses that simply are not allowed in that area.


This means that the area is zoned for a factory or plant that employs a large amount of people. This is to ensure that an industry that produces noise or pollution is not near residential or commercial properties.


Agricultural zoning allows large farms and ranches to operate. The laws will protect the area so that farming can be done. It prevents other types of developments such as commercial building and factories to be built which could put the farm or ranch at risk.

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