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Have land to sell?  We buy land fast for cash!  Get a no oblilgation no hassle offer for your property.

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Sell Land Fast

  • Do you intend to earn an income from your parcel of uninhabited land?
  • Holding onto your residential property because you believe it won't sell?
  • Are you interested in selling your land hassle-free?
  • Holding your residential or commercial property for months or years since you think it won't sell?
  • Did you acquire land you don't want or need?
  • Would you like a hassle-free option to sell your land?
  • FAST CLOSING: We pay cash and close rapidly, so there are no surprises.
  • NO COMMISSIONS: We are land buyers, so you don’t pay any Realtor fees.
  • NO CLOSING COSTS: We pay all title, escrow, and closing costs.
  • PAIN-FREE SALE: We wish to buy your land and to make it simple for you!
We offer cash buyers land for sale, including a smooth closing process for every sell land and buy land transaction!

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Why Should I Consider Selling My Property?

Having to pay property taxes or county assessments each year seems to be a burden to you?
Do you have an unwanted property sitting in your garage due to changing retirement plans?
Has the property market tanked since you bought it?
Have you bought the property and lived out of state since it was acquired?
Does the property have overdue taxes?
Have you lived out of state and had difficulty enjoying your land?
Did you lose your job, become ill, or simply need some extra money?

All of our customers receive the following additional benefits:

Fast Cash - Get cash as soon as possible! Please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll send you an offer!
Cash Buyers - Fewer headaches and paperwork! Banks are slower than cash buyers.
We Cover All Closing Charges - We cover all closing costs so you can get the most out of your investment.
Effortless — Our team makes selling your vacant land a breeze for you.
We Pay Back Taxes — On many of the properties we purchase, we pay back taxes.
We Pay Liens - We will occasionally pay any prior liens on the property.
We Have a Strong Team — We only work with a licensed real estate agent.

We are excited to serve you and assist you in getting the most out of your property.


STEP 1: We Research Your Land

You complete our assessment worksheet and we get to work immediately evaluating its value based on county tax details, regional sales data, access to roadways and utilities, and so on.

STEP 2: We Provide You An Offer

After we've figured out that your property fulfills our buying requirements, we provide you with a fair deal by means of e-mail or phone and address any concerns you have.

STEP 3: We Sign An Agreement

As soon as we have concurred upon a purchase rate for your property, we'll offer an easy purchase and sales contract that you can finish electronically or send by courier if you choose. A lot of sellers appreciate the ease and speed we offer.

STEP 4: Close And You Get Paid

When the agreement is signed we establish a closing date and our group of title specialists and closing lawyers prepares the closing documents. We pay all closing expenses and there's no requirement for you to travel

Selling Land - Sell Your Land Fast?

Do you own uninhabited land? If you require to sell land fast, we can help you. Our company possesses years of experience in the real estate market, and we focus on assisting homeowner sell their uninhabited land rapidly.

Do You Need Quick Cash?

The main reason individuals sell land quickly with us is to reduce their stress. If you have had a problem offering your land, or do not wish to handle the hassle of property ownership, you do not need to. We can assist direct you through the process. The closing costs are covered by us, so you do not have to fret about anything.


When you lose your job or have abrupt expenses, discovering the cash you require can be a challenge. When people require to sell land quickly, we are the very best alternative. You might have fallen back on your real estate tax, lost cash on the stock market or require additional money. Often, individuals need to sell a property they inherited. and have no use for it. Other homeowner live too far away from their vacant land to utilize it, or do not intend on following through with their original retirement strategies. Whatever the case, the result is the very same.

Benefits of Using Land Solutions Network

Each sale is closed rapidly so that you no longer have the problem of owning an uninhabited parcel of land presents ... like paying irritating annual property taxes. Our personnel members have years of experience in the industry, so they understand how to speed along the procedure for a quick close.

Beyond quickly transactions, you can likewise anticipate a simple sale procedure. We buy land, land owners require to sell rapidly without any hassles. From a fast response time, to quick money offers on your land, we can move you through the process effortlessly. As soon as the sale goes through, we cover all of the closing costs and fees. If you owe back taxes on the land, we cover the cost so that you do not have to pay any money to sell your property.


While the majority of people want to sell their vacant land quickly, clients regularly rely on our business due to the fact that we are able to provide cash for their land. Unlike conventional real estate sales, you do not have to deal with a bank or any loan contingencies. When the sale has been completed, you walk away with money and no stress.

The Process to Sell Land Fast

The entire sale process is simple. Once you request an offer, we immediately begin to investigate your property. We take a look at comparable prices in the area and current sales data to compute our deal. Later, we will send you an offer in the mail. If you agree to the offer, just sign it and return it to us by means of the self attended to stamped envelope we provided. For faster service, you can fax it back to us.


As soon as the arrangement has been signed, we open an escrow account with our title company while we organize the closing date and review the title. We cover all of the closing expenses, so your only task is to sign the closing papers. After a clear title report arrives, we finish signing all of the papers and the deed. When this is complete, your funds are sent to your savings account or a check is mailed to you.


It just takes a couple of minutes to send an offer request. We manage as much of the work as possible so that you simply need to sign documentation and receive a check for land.

We Provide Top Dollar For Your Land

We buy land quick and for cash. We make every effort to make the sale process really simple for our customers. Our goal as a land buying business is to help you sell your land fast so that you can focus on what's more crucial to you. Simply fill out our online property assessment worksheet and you will receive a written offer from us within two weeks.


Our goal is to make it as easy on you as possible to get paid quickly for vacant land that you no longer want to be burdened with


Fill out the form and you’ll receive an answer within the next 10 business days



How does this work?

Our company purchases vacant residential land as an investment. Whether you are visiting this page as a result of a letter explaining how we wish to purchase your land or as a result of a response to an advertisement, you simply have a goal. Regardless of the situation, you want to sell your vacant land for cash. Our group is comprised of real estate investors who purchase vacant land anywhere in the U.S. that is vacant and for sale. We will provide you with a written offer within 10 business days after you complete our online property assessment worksheet. In most cases, we can close within four-six weeks of receiving a signed purchase agreement if you agree to our offer. We'll handle the closing, all the paperwork, and all of the fees. That's as easy as it gets.

Is My Property Going to Be Listed on the Multiple Listing Service?

Not at all! We are a real estate buyer, not a real estate broker. We won't list your property in a multiple listing service. You need to know that because we are the principal buyers in the transaction, no listing fees or commissions are charged. In this way, we can make a fair offer to you and close quickly. Whether it's an inherited piece of property, unused or unwanted land, it doesn't take long to sell it.

What if I don't have my original deed?

That is not an issue either as we have title representatives that will get most all of the records required for closing from the county straight (offered they were recorded properly). Again, this will not cost you anything since we cover all costs.

Wouldn't It Be Better If I Sold It Myself?

Although you can definitely do so, why haven't you already done so? It can be challenging to sell land on your own. Demand is often limited, and the process can take months or even years. As a result, most banks tend not to lend money to vacant landowners, so you would want to sell your property to a cash buyer or take out owner financing, which would give you a limited amount of money each month. Real estate agents typically get paid commissions for listing. It is likely that the agent (or broker) doesn't pay attention to raw land because it typically brings in a much lower percentage than improved property.

How much will I receive for my property?

We conduct extensive research prior to making an offer so that we can fully assess the situation. Among the factors, we consider when preparing our offer are size, shape, location, demand, zoning, ease of access to utilities and roads, and local market conditions. As soon as we've thoroughly examined all of these items, we'll be able to offer you a fair value offer that can be closed quickly. All closing costs and fees will be paid by us.

Are Liens, Liens on Title, and Other Owners on My Property Considered?

With our experience in buying properties with various title situations, we can handle all types of properties. Whenever a title issue arises, we offer the necessary resources and access to professional title agents and attorneys who can provide a solution.

If I Owe Taxes or Dues, What Should I Do?

To understand that you do not need to pay anything out of pocket to sell your land to us, you need to know that we will purchase your land for you. Our offer will include a discussion of all tax and dues arrears owing, and the proceeds of the sale will be used to pay them when the sale closes.

Do I Need My Original Deed Even if I Don't Have It?

It is also not an issue since title agents will search the county directly for most of the documents needed to close (as long as they were recorded correctly). All fees are covered by us, so it won't cost you anything.

What Is the Best Time to Sell My Land?

Selling when the market is favorable for sellers is generally a good idea for getting the best price. Market absorption rates can be used to determine if this is the case for your area. You can alternatively sell directly to a buyer or land investor if your intention is to sell something quickly. As an example, we buy properties all year - you can sell your property whenever you prefer.

Do I Need a Realtor to Sell Land?

It is often a good idea to use a realtor when selling land since their expertise and resources can help you market your land and find the best buyer. Rural vacant land parcels of less than five acres may not always be suitable for this method. Local realtors may not know much about vacant land. It may also be too low a price for a realtor to make it worthwhile.

When this is the case, you should sell the property directly to the buyer. This has the advantage of saving you the typically 6%-10% commission that most agents charge.
You don't need to be a pro to sell your property yourself. Several listing sites allow you to put your property up for sale by owner.
A "for sale by owner" sign can also be put up on the property, or letters can be sent to neighboring owners. Additionally, you may sell your land to a land investor or direct buyer.

If you're thinking about selling your land this way, you might want to look at the pros and cons. You should take that into account when deciding whether to invest in land. Investors often offer lower prices in exchange for a fast closing.

How Can I Sell Raw Land Fastest?

Price and speed are generally directly related. Your buyer will be more likely to buy faster when you give them a great deal instead of trying to maximize their purchase price. No matter where you list your property or how you market it, there are advantages and disadvantages to both.
Next to price, the quality of the listing is the most important factor. Ensure you are listing your property with all the top land listing sites. Ensure that the information and photos you provide are of quality. Provide them with easy access to performing their due diligence so that they are sure they are buying what they want.
Selling land to an investor is probably your fastest option if speed is your top priority.

Additional Questions about Selling Land:

Why Should I Sell My Land?

Offering your land for money has actually never been easier! We provide trouble free transactions, quick cash, and pay all closing charges. While most of real estate investors concentrate on purchasing homes, Land Solutions Network focuses on purchasing and holding parcels of uninhabited land throughout the county.
There are many reasons individuals decide that their vacant land has actually become a burden and they require to offer land quick. For some, they no longer have a need for it, and they would rather cash out of the property. For others it is the expense connected with paying the property taxes on the vacant land. Finally, some will sell because it would not be cost efficient to keep it, and the value has actually dropped substantially when the bubble burst in 2008.

Vacant Land Problems

Land Solutions Network has helped property owners with the following vacant land problems:

  • Do you find annual property taxes or county assessments to be a problem?
  • Did your retirement plans change and no longer need the property?
  • Has the market tanked since you have actually purchased the property?
  • Did you inherit the property and live out of state?
  • Are there delinquent taxes accumulating on the property?
  • Do you live out of state and find it tough to enjoy your land?
  • Did you get laid off, get ill, or simply require some additional cash?
  • Any other property issues….

No matter the case, Land Solutions Network can help. Our large network of vacant land investors have an interest in acquiring your property today. Or we might even choose to buy it ourselves. Sell your land quick for cash today!

Why Land Solutions Network?

Our primary focus is on serving your instant money needs. Land Solutions Network makes every effort to offer the best client service and fast shipment of your cash. Occasionally there can be delays in title work, property research, unpaid taxes, or settling exceptional liens. If so, we will interact those with you if any delays happen.

Houses vs. Vacant Land

The modern real estate market changes daily. While houses typically sell quickly, most vacant land parcels are stagnant and can be tough to sell. Land owners can find it nearly impossible to sell their land. You will more than most likely have possession of your property for a long period of time and continue to pay the real estate taxes while you own it

Benefits of Working with Land Solutions Network

We follow a tried and true process of acquiring your property. We will look into the uninhabited land parcel at the county office and will provide you with an offer. Once you finish the paperwork and sign the deal, you can return it to us through email, fax or general delivery via United States Postal Service.
When we receive the signed purchase contract; we will open an escrow account, forward the purchase contract to a title company or attorney focusing on real estate, and arrange a closing date. We take care of all closing costs and traveling so that you do not need to do anything but sign, return documents and collect your money.

The attorney or title business will prepare a deed for you to sign and notarize so that we can acquire the land. Sometimes we will assign the property into a trust for long term holding functions. The very best part is that you will get your money payment through electronic bank wire or a cashiers inspect directly from the title company.

Additional Benefits of Working with Us

We offer the additional benefits to all of our customers:

  • Fast Cash – Get access to cash rapidly! Don't postpone, let us send you an offer!
  • Cash Buyers – Less trouble and less documents! Money purchasers are quicker than banks.
  • We Pay All Closing Costs – We pay all closing costs so you can optimize your returns.
  • Stress Free – Our team makes selling your vacant land simple and easy for you.
  • We Pay Back Taxes – We pay back taxes on a lot of the properties we buy.
  • We Pay Liens – Often we will pay any previous liens on the property.
  • We Have a Strong Team –We work with only licensed real estate experts.

We look forward to serving you and helping you get the most for your property.

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