Although spring is probable the best time to sell your land, it doesn't mean that it is the only season you can be successful. However, when you time your sale will have an impact on how many offers you will receive.

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We will go over the advantages and disadvantages the different seasons hold when listing or selling raw land.


Spring is the most popular season for selling property. The weather is great and many people make changes to their lives during this season.

Buyers are looking in the spring because good weather allows them to do work on the land and build if they have plans to build.

If you are selling, the property is going to look great in the spring and this is the best time to get pictures of your property as well.

The only problem with selling in the spring is that many others are selling land too. This means that the competition is going to be more fierce.

Marketing is key since many other people are buying and selling land. Make sure that your photos pop and your description is intriguing.

If you don't have the time or the know-how to make a good listing, be sure that you hire someone who can. Many buyers will be checking out the hundreds of listings and you want your listing to stand out.


Summer is a good time for selling and listing because buyers can still begin working on the land that they purchase. The weather is still good and the days are long. As summer draws to a close, buyer activity will slow down.

You need to make sure that you know what your property can be used for and then target buyers who will be interested. Understanding how a potential buyer plans to use the property will allow you to showcase it in a way that highlights those features.


Depending on the location, you can still get good pictures of land that will attract buyers. Although hunters won't normally be looking for a parcel of land to buy, other buyers may be looking as this is the best time to find a great deal.

Mother Nature does a great job in staging your land. Since many people travel to seasonal events during the fall, be sure that you include any local activities and events in your marketing plan.


Winter used to be the worst time to sell property but now that people use the internet, there is really no reason for the weather to prevent them from looking for and purchasing land. Although they may not actually be able to tour the land, buyers search all year long.

Taking advantage of the reduced inventory of land for sale and marketing the land properly can help your property to stand out, even in the middle of winter.

If your land is located near a popular ski resort, winter might actually be the best time to show off your land. If your land is in an area that stays hot all year round, the lower temperature of winter might encourage more visits to see your land.

If you do sell your land in the winter, be sure that you have pictures of it in all seasons. Buyers could be bargain hunting for properties to get a better price, so be prepared to be flexible on your pricing.

What If Your Land Isn't Selling?

If there is no interest in your property in any season, you need to take a good look at why. Usually land isn't selling for two reasons. Either you are asking too much or your marketing strategy isn't targeting the right audience

You have to create listings that will highlight the best features of your land and make sure that you are targeting people who want this type of land. With the right planning, the right photographs and the right marketing plan, you can sell your land no matter what season it is.

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